7 Seconds at Svitak’s

Episode #11 features Jason Adams.
Edited by Adam Kure.
Both songs are by 7 Seconds . Song #1 is “Not Just Boys Fun”.From the album “The Crew”. Song #2 is “Regress No Way” by 7 Seconds. From the album “Walk Together, Rock Together”. Both albums are available from BYO records .

Over the past ten years of having this ramp in my yard, I’ve had many amazing skaters come through and rip it. It’s a really hard ramp to skate. It’s not tall, has very tight transitions and it’s all pool coping. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the diversity of rider’s styles and different approaches to the ramp, so I just decided to start making short edits of the different people that come by to skate it. These videos are intended as nothing serious, just short, loose edits of a lot of fun and ripping! Then I figured, let’s give back to a band that has burned out many of my tape players over the years. And that’s why it’s called 7 SECONDS and will rightfully so always be edited to a 7 Seconds jam. Good music and skateboarding, that’s the way I like to live it.
So there you go, 7 SECONDS AT SVITAK’S. Rip it up!!

Kristian Svitak

via 1031 Skateboards


Los Angeles

"June of 2014 I took a week long trip to visit a friend in LA, with no plans other than skateboarding. Did we skate as amazingly as we’d hoped? Definitely not, but we had some fun."

Director: Dorian Warneck

Music is “Musclehead” by Dear Blanca

Via Street Canoe

I absolutely love what Heavy Skateboards are producing out of South Carolina! Heavy is skater owned and their direction really has me excited. From their website:

The Heavy adventure began in Charleston, SC during the summer of 2013. Being influenced by beer, women, and food, Heavy is purely about skateboarding. 

All three of the above decks are currently available on their site. The graphics are stunning and were created by artist Aye Jay. I highly recommend you supporting these guys!